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The high-waisted Gipsy knickers mirror the Gipsy top: bi-elastic Unashape material for a flat-stomach effect, interweaving of delicate lacing over transparent tulle and bell braiding all characterize the spirit that inspired this creation. The cotton lining brings it support and comfort.

YOUR UNABELLA GARMENT IS A LUXURY PRODUCT, DESIGNED IN THE PARISIAN IMAGINATION AND CRAFTED WITH THE UTMOST ATTENTION. The quality of our items is primordial, that is why we have selected the most beautiful materials with the utmost care and exigency. Dentelle de Calais Caudry lace and embroideries must be warily cared for. These materials are extremely precious and delicate. The softest way to preserve your items is to hand-wash them at an ideal temperture of 30 degrees Celsius, preferably with biodegradable detergent. Your garments should be washed inside out. Chlorine and bleach should be avoided, of course.

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